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Who we are

With 40 years experience in the martial arts and several generations of black belts, Iron Temple of Martial Arts provides adults and children the physical and mental training necessary for success in life. Physical conditioning, self-defense and quality instruction, ITMA's training will boost energy, increase confidence and relieve stress. Our emphasis is on developing better people through a strong and supportive "Village" mentality inspiring success in all facets of life.


"It takes a Village"  - Explore our site to find a program that’s right for you.

We are Still Here!

Women's Self Defense Starting June 3rd at Sussex County College! 

6pm to 7:30pm

5 Sessions

Taught by Law Enforcement and Martial Artists


Health and Well Being


Iron Temple Fitness trains people to the peek of their physical and mental condition every single day. We offer FusionWORX and a variety of fitness classes with guaranteed results. Our classes are engineered for all walks of life and fitness levels. Check out our Athlete Position Specific FusionWORX which will enhance skills and improve technique in all sports. Our members come back for more, always stepping up to the challenge in every workout with a positive mental attitude. 

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG DIFFERENCE"  -Winston Churchill


Effective Self Defense

Taught by law enforcement professionals, ITMA's programs offer practical and effective self defense. We offer realistic, hands on simulations giving our members an opportunity to test their learned techniques in a realistic scenario. We walk the walk, all go and no show getting results in every movement.  ITMA Warriors walk with confidence knowing their skills are tested and proven. 

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Kids Martial Arts


ITMA's Mixed Martial Arts empowers young people to perform at their highest levels. They build confidence, increase focus and do better in school. Our Kids get the best grades with manners and a strong value system. ITMA's teachers are not only instructors but also mentors and law enforcement professionals offering a fun, safe and ego free learning environment. Here at ITMA we embrace the future and ITMA Kids are our future!






"Learning self defense is very important to me but I also wanted a great workout and to get back into shape. This school is one stop shopping. I even gave up my gym membership - didn't need it anymore. My endurance has increased as well as overall body strength. I'm a 52 year old woman, so if you have ever wanted to learn self defense or martial arts, but were afraid you would not fit in or would be intimidated, I highly recommend this school. You will not feel out of place, I promise!".

- Diana Sebzda

Anti Bullying

Bullies have been a hot topic for quite some time.  They will continue to be a problem until each person being bullied takes the appropriate steps to build their confidence and develop the "10 Seconds of Courage" necessary to stand up for themselves.  ITMA's Anti-Bullying Worshops focus on giving children the tools to do just that.  We empower each child to develop courage to stand up for themselves. ITMA Warriors live Fearless!

ADHD and the Martial Arts

Martial Arts battles ADHD and we have the track record with current students to prove it. Focus, concentration, and discipline have been the key ingredients which have given our students the tools to fight back against ADHD. Some of our members have made leaps and bounds in school and in life. We bet on the winning team with ITMA's martial arts program and the families we serve. Ask more about our proven success. 


Mixed Martial Arts Defined

The modern and popular definition of "mixed martial arts" was developed in the 1990's after the premier of the UFC fighting competition. It was originally orchestrated by the Gracie family who wished to market and develop their brand of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As we are all well aware, this was successful for the Gracie's who continue to benefit from this genius marketing plan. As the UFC grew in its infant stage, fighters from multiple disciplines became aware of the areas of improvement within each of their arts. They realized the need to be effective in three ranges of fighting, stand up, the clinch and groundwork or translated; Long Range, Medium range and close range fighting. Some of the arts lacked depth in one or two of these areas causing fighters to seek training in other disciplines. For example, the stand up fighters of Karate, Kick Boxing and Muay Thai lacked ground work, while the wrestlers and grapplers lacked a stand up game. With this evolution of the arts, brought forth by these modern day competitions the term "mixed martial arts" was born.

With this evolution, popular name brand arts were popularized such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing. These two rose quickly to be the two arts of choice by competitors and general sport politics. Hidden behind the scenes still remained the fundamental arts of Karate, Judo and American wrestling among others.

All in all, it breaks down to the three ranges of fighting and pulling from different disciplines, creating a system that works for you. The evolution of the martial arts depends on the open mind of the practitioner, the selflessness of the instructors and keeping the egos in check. All to often progress is halted by ego, in the belief that one system is the only system that works. Art is an expression of self and the martial arts is no different. So no matter what discipline your choose, or the combination of discipline you decide works for you, your doing the right thing as long as your training. The true essence of a warrior is found in their ability to perfect living and living is action.

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Contact us for detail on programs and classes

  • F.A.S.T. Program for Women staring June 2022! Contact us for details

  • A.P.T. Training Registration is open for Summer 2022!

  • Weapons Training Summer Registration 2022 now Open!

  • Private and Semi Private Lessons Available!  

  • Wrestling Program kicking off June 2022!

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