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What We Do

   With unyeilding devotion to the mental, physical and spiritual development of each of our individual members, here at ITMA we customize our programs to reflect our deep understanding of your goals and personal development needs. 


   ITMA offers a wide variety of programs to choose from.  We understand that each member has unique and personal reasons to train.  If your looking to improve your health, loose weight and live a healthier life, any of our programs will challenge you at your fitness level.  If your looking for a practical and effective martial art, we have the best instructor to student ratio in the area. We believe in quality over quantity and understand that applying the techniques is paramount in self defense situations.  We are all go, not all show. Its important for our members to feel confident in themselves, their techniques and their school. 


   Our Chief Instructors have been training for over 17 years. They have been personally trained by Master Dave Fritsch which guarantees consitency in technique and instruction. Our instructors are professional and inspiring.  Master Fritsch hand selects his Instructors whom act as mentors to children and help guide adults along their path.  


   ITMA takes pride in what it offers. Members will leave each class feeling enlightened, challenged and motivated.  Through our members success our instructors are gratified knowing they have given back to the martial arts something in which they have gained themselves.  At ITMA you are considered family and not a number. We believe in community and building a community on good solid values.  Our members are successful in achieving their goals and are given the tools to succeed in life.  

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