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Denyce S. Lucatorto

Pharmaceutical Sales


I can't say enough good things about the staff and training at Iron Temple. My daughter has been attending for over 3 years. Her confidence and desire to constantly improve herself has soared. Everyone is professional, caring and they relate well to kids, while enforcing respect and continual improvement. They welcome all members of my family with the same enthusiasm they have for their students. The training has been absolutely top notch. Belts are EARNED - not just given because a certain amount of time has passed. I think that's sorely missing in our "trophy for everyone" kind of world. If you are looking for the best training in Sussex County, with the whole package of a caring & hard working staff - you found it at Iron Temple.

Diana Sebzda

Director of Berevement
Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice

"Learning self defense is very important to me but I also wanted a great workout and to get back into shape. This school is one stop shopping. I even gave up my gym membership - didn't need it anymore. My endurance has increased as well as overall body strength. I'm a 52 year old woman, so if you have ever wanted to learn self defense or martial arts, but were afraid you would not fit in or would be intimidated, I highly recommend this school. You will not feel out of place, I promise!"


Steph Liebl


Our whole family (2 adults, 3 teenagers) attends strength and fitness classes at ITMA. My boys have tried other gyms and were not happy. They liked ITMA so much that my husband and I started too- and we all love it! The instructors are excellent- patient and helpful. They are always checking your form, to be sure you are doing things correctly. They have helped 3 of us work through injuries as well. The other students are great- it truly is a family atmosphere- everyone is very supportive of each other. Overall ITMA is a great place to work on your fitness goals!

Mac Stahl


This Martial Arts school is like no other, the instructors, the training, is absolutely amazing. This school is acceptant to all people willing to improve in themselves. We are all family at the Iron Temple of Martial Arts.

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