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     My current profession is law enforcement and I have recently had the opportunity to work with the New Jersey State Board of Education visiting local schools during a surprise lock down simulating active shooters.  During these simulations, I was able to observe the common directive which is in place for a majority of schools to handle such situations. This plan although recommended, has its limitations.  When asked what a teacher would do if Plan A were to fail and he or she was face to face with a shooter, the teacher's had no files to draw from, therefore our children would have no protection.


     Faculty Response Training or F.R.T gives faculty a "Plan B" and the confidence to be effective as the last line of defense if Plan A were to fail and our children's lives were at stake.  With 14 years in law enforcement and my 30+ years in martial arts, I have developed a program to train faculty in a fight or flight situation. F.R.T. offers both physical conditioning to stay in shape along with a great way to relieve stress. It provides practical and extremely effective proven self-defense techniques. It is imperative that our teachers are prepared and given the tools necessary to be the last line of defense to protect our children. 


     In conclusion, the F.R.T. system incorporates the experience of law enforcement, proven tactics and self-defense. We also provide an exercise program which supports all levels of fitness to relieve stress and improve physical conditioning in order to be better prepared. Furthermore, F.R.T. is brought to your facility. We believe that teachers need to be fully aware of their environment and use the environment as a source of defense. Each program can be tailored to the faculty and needs of each situation.  Please contact us for more information and a free consultation.                     -Master Dave Fritsch

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