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Applied Protection Techniques "APT"

Applied Protection Techniques "APT" delivers effective and practical self defense with expert instruction by certified martial artists and law enforcement officials. This continuous self defense course will visit a variety of realistic scenarios covering all ranges of self defense, encounters and scenarios. APT Practitioners will develop the mind of a Sheepdog, displaying confidence in life as well as adversity. Ages 12+ and both genders welcome. 

TBD due to Covid - 19






F.A.S.T Woman's Self Defense

F.A.S.T. is a woman's self defense course broken into Levels and Sessions. There are five (5) Sessions in each Level. There are five (5) Levels! Meet every Friday @ 6PM with your lady friends and learn effective and practical self defense techniques to protect yourself! Make it a ladies night out! Sign up for a Level at a time. You don't have to make every Friday, you can make it up when we cycle back to that level and make up that missed session!  The Session 5 and completion of a Level will consist of live scenarios and then a Social! 

TBD due to Covid - 19

Our team of instructors have law enforcement, military and extensive martial arts backgrounds with years of teaching behind them. 

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