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Since our inception, ITMA has been dedicated to the individual needs of each member. 
David Fritsch
5th Degree Black Belt

The Iron Temple of Martial Arts is no ordinary martial arts school. Here you are family.  The members and teachers both share the same goals each and every day.  Self development and improving oneself each day is all in the journey. Together we reach our goals in a "no ego" learning environment. At ITMA, we are dedicated to ourselves and a better future.  Quality before quantity is our mantra as we focus on the perfection of each technique to guarantee success in a real life confronation. 


We offer different opportunities for members to test their skills in real life simulations.  We critic each encounter and discuss avenues of improvement.  "Don't make your first time, your first time." With our background in law enforcement a tactical approach is taken when it comes to self preservation.  Our tactics and techniques are proven, effective and second to none.  We are not boastful or pretentious. We are tenacious and deserving.


We believe that "it takes a village" and support one another, our children and our school with the warmth of a family, a community. Join us and see for yourself. 



Began training in 1983 in Wood Ridge, NJ, earning his Black Belt on December 8, 1990. Earned his 3rd Degree Black Belt from Master Kwang Sik Myung. He later achieve his 4th and 5th Degree Black Belt from the World Kido Federation, Grandmaster Seo in 2013. Began working in the NJSP in 2001 using his techniques in the streets of Paterson, Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey.  

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